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I am an HR proffesional, who has been supporting companies with professional experience for last ten years. I can offer experience in stabilizing and improving personnel policies, activating personnel processes according to valid legislation and management by objectives, improvements implementations, HR processes and procedures evaluation. Consulting and mentoring are my favourite sources of realization. Constant education in human resource management and development has enriched my skills as well as theoretical knowledge. I apply some learned tools and methodologies  for several years in my practice not only for the purpose of identifying employees' potential, but also for their personal growth and development options.
Thanks to the experience in managerial positions in German family business, French business or corporate US business I can offer effective management skills and leadership skills, internal and external communication skills, branding and diversity approach. In the framework of employee care, I do keep focus on the value of similarity and qualification complementarity in line with company strategies and goals of sustaining engagement and employee satisfaction and healthy corporate culture as well.
I had the possibility to learn the project and process management in lean manufacturing (LEAN), recertification ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001, implementation of new systems (payroll system, HCM SAP) and legislative measures (GDPR).
The main value of my work I see in the area of company development and cultivation, because I like to play a key role in discovering the people potential and qualities. I like to be inspired and I like to be an inspiration myself. My interaction with others represents high ethical standards and also requires a great deal of openness, sincerity and loyalty.

Personal Style

I am a woman, a partner, a wife, a friend, I am a former corporate HR, I am also a teacher and a mentor, a consultant. I am an energic person with a healthy character who lives life, perceives its qualities and ideally inspires the others.

Earlier I wasn't able to make decisions the way I do today. My mind was not serving me as well as my intuition, so I jumped of the High School Hotel & Tourism education to taste the Special Education, followed up with Adult Education and continued with School Management

… that failed to meet my expectations / I did not succeed,
… which did not proove to be a good choice,
… because the distance form of education simply bored me after seven years.
I went through various type of operations, from the hotel industry, to engineering, then to transportation & logistics and after that I worked for manufacturers in and outside of the automotive industry. It gave me not only a wide range of competences, but also the perspective that shows me a different way.

I started in the gastronomic services and today I am in the astronomical spheres. I experienced both life and professional twists, falls, but also a personal progress and achievements, thanks to them I know today what I want and what I can do, what makes me happy, who I am. I feel connected to YourConsulting.

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