Ing. Marie Šimonová

TOP Management Experience

After finishing studies at Technical University of Liberec in field of Economy and Management I started to work for world-wide automotive corporation. I started in a position of Internal Auditor, where I had the opportunity to learn many processes accross departments (finance, logistics, quality, operations, sales). My prime responsibility was to test effectiveness of these processes and their control mechanisms as well as implementation of new processes in line with Sarban Oxley Act. Later on I started to depute Finance Manager position, where I held a key role in outsourcing of finance department to India and Romania and at the time I was leaving this company, I worked as an EMEA Internal Auditor. More and more I was feeling my need to cooperate on company executive leadership.

I moved into a smaller American corporation on the position of Plant Controller for Czech legal entity. For eight years I played a key role in its growth. Company had multiplied its turnover as well as number of employees. I managed to implement a new administrative structure of finance and controlling department and bulid-up purchasing department. All this was connected with an implementation of new ERP system SAP 6.0 Global. I took a leadership in Finance, IT, Purchasing and Payroll. Later on I gained responsibility for insourcing and management of Finance Shared Service Center for Czech, German and Holland intercompany entities. I supported successful establishment of global customer service department. During this period of time, I also temporarily took over HR Manager position. Due to teamwork, we successfully implemented new payroll system. Later on, I assumed a role of divisional FP&A (Financial Planning & Analyses). And finally, I became Managing Director of Czech legal unit and Director Finance of the division, that has production facilities on four continents.

And then I founded YourConsulting. That allowed me to transfer my professional experience and principles wider and thus support more people, teams and companies to meet their targets. Why? Because there is a human behind this's slightly different management.

Personal Style

I am excited to share my professional skills and experience with my peers around. I feel happy seeing quality results and I like the feeling of job well done. My work has to have a meaning and I feel even more happier when it has a meaning and value to those asking for it.

I value relationship a lot. Each one of us spends a significant part of our lives at work and therefore I believe that the environment leading to harmonic relationship and building positive working culture is the key to long-term motivation and loyalty.

I also believe that every person brings the best values where he/she feels in harmony and knows a meaning of his/her work. I like to bring in new views and I like to discover everyone's potential. I offer "outside the box" questions and views from different angles.

One of my long-term interests, that lately influence my professional life is psychology of human mind and social interactions. I graduated from several psychotherapeutic courses and trainings and I continue studying. There is still a lot to be unveiled.

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Ing. Marie Šimonová
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