Ing. Zdeněk Blažek

TOP Management Experience

I have been in top management for 20 years, about half of this time I was responsible for finance and the other half for the entire organization.

I started in an automotive corporate company, from the position of plant controller to the finance manager, responsible for four plants in Eastern Europe. When working on financial positions, I have always tried to get as much information as possible about the production and other activities of the company that had impacted company's results. I worked on various projects such as implementation of the information system, setting up financial processes in the production plant and also on projects targeted on improvement of operational and financial performance.

Over a time, I wanted to participate more in the organization. The company promoted me to a plant manager position, where I worked for several years. I also worked abroad in various management positions within Operations. I have gained experience related to all phases of the company's life cycle, from the foundation, through financing and preparation of production premises (greenfield and brownfield projects), to the end of production and moving to another location. Everyday work in a multi-cultural environment, cooperation with local authorities and state authorities including investment incentive projects also brought an interesting experience.

After my return to the Czech Republic and finance, I worked two years as a financial manager. During that period of time we successfully restructured the organization and implemented a new information system.

I like to share experience and contribute to the success of companies and individuals. And this I do also outside my profession. I appreciate freedom of choice.

Personal Style

Being in a role of manager, I am an experienced guide to my colleagues. Consulting, management or controlling… I show direction and provide space to find everyone’s own way. Self-development is important to me, so I like to improve on myself as well as I support the others in their development.
I appreciate every member of the team. I believe that work can only be done well, if every single employee knows he/she is a result influencer. Thanks to the high-quality environment of society, where ethics, morality and respect are a key part of it, I do my work with flow, taken up by team around.
Sharing of information and effective communication are key attributes in my approach. That is why I am not the one who only provides feedback, but especially requests it from the others.

I because I love to work with people sharing common values, I joined YourConsulting.

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