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Consult & Find brings people and companies together. Through professional executive search of Managers and Professionals or through the engagement of our broad Partner Network, we create customer value to an extent not many consulting companies can offer. 
We support our clients on the complete employee life cycle, from hiring to onboarding to training & development, to talent management but also dedicated for projects eg. Develop and execute Employer Branding strategies, communication strategies, digitalization and more.


Try to imagine two teams. Both having skilled and capable manager, both having team members of the same skills and capabilities. Why they do not have same results? Our colleagues from Edupark are looking for the answers to this kind of questions. Edupark.eu is a start-up company that uncover the hidden team potential through life-experience programs. Edupark helps companies and teams to find a new and nontraditional view on a teamwork. The main mission of Edupark is to transform organizations into organisms.


Vision of Sourcery is to provide additional value for clients over a horizon of common expectations connected with delivery of accounting, tax and finance services. In Sourcery, we know how to look into clients needs with complexity, we anticipate hidden risks and we help to identify business opportunities.

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Managing Director

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