General/Process Management

General Manager is very often responsible for all company functions, from marketing, over sales, operations or IT, up to level of day-to-day tasks and processes. General (executive) management is also responsible for turnover and earnings, cost and spends of the company. Normally is general management required in an effective planning, proper delegation of authority, coordination, leadership over human resources and technological sources of the company, as well as decision-making, that leads to required earnings and results. It is closely linked to process management.

Possible Types of Cooperation

These services are provided either in a form of consulting and advisory to management, who need, for example, to strenghten and implement their visions. This can be achieved through team meetings, very often using professional Lean tools like TPI Kaizen, VSM, Go-Do's, etc.

Main Areas of Assistance:

  • strategic planning and company visions
  • outsourcing or insourcing of any supporting functions
  • efficiency improvement of internal processes
  • preparation phase of Due Dilligence
  • post-acquisition process streamlining
  • TPIs Kaizens for all supporting functions 
  • revision, analysis and implementation of main, supporting or key processes
  • process flow charts and process description
  • process procedures preparation
  • standardization and improvement of any company process

Above mentioned services do not include complete list of possible assistance in cooperation. We recommend personal meeting, where we can better understand your needs and provide you with tailor-made solutions.

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